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The success of Azure led to an increased demand for Azure certified experts and more and more IT professionals are looking into Microsoft Azure Certifications. If you have some experience in IT or computer programming and want to gain experience in cloud computing, or want to integrate cloud into your career, a certification can certainly be beneficial. If you’re just starting to explore the IT space, you might want to consider an entry-level IT certification. Cloud computing is an in-demand skill.

This means you can easily find a job in the IT industry as Azure professionals are high in demand. Azure certifications are not hard to achieve provided that you allocate the necessary time to build the skills necessary to pass the exams. With the acceleration in cloud technology adoption, knowledge of working with the cloud is poised to become a valuable asset for IT professionals.

Pass the certification exam.

This cert shows you can talk semi-intelligently about Azure without embarrassing yourself. It proves you have an understanding of basic cloud concepts and security, privacy, compliance, services, pricing (Azure cost management), and support in Azure. There are also a mix of Azure-adjacent certifications.

azure cloud engineer certification

If you want to get ready for this exam, you should check the AZ-102 Exam Preparation Learning Path on Cloud Academy. To prepare for this exam, you should take the AZ-700 Exam Preparation Learning Path on Cloud Academy. To get ready for this exam, check out the AZ-500 Exam Preparation Learning Path on Cloud Academy. To prepare for this exam, you should take the AZ-204 Exam Preparation Learning Path on Cloud Academy.

What would be my roles & responsibilities after getting Azure Cloud Certification?

To get this Azure certification, you need to pass the AI-900 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals exam. Candidates who are interested in earning this fundamental level certification must have a basic knowledge of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solutions on Microsoft Azure. An experienced solutions architect is basically packing a brain filled to the brim with an encyclopedic level of IT insights, making you a must-have at any tech-savvy organization. It also potentially opens a whole new dimension of future career possibilities. This sort of cross-departmental role, the experience you earn, and the people you work with could set the foundation for a jump off the cloud ladder to the corporate leadership ladder.

You can also take courses within that specialization, like Introduction to Azure Cloud Services. A Microsoft azure certification can enable you to pursue a wide range of career options. You can become a cloud architect, a developer, or a solution architect. In addition, the certification enables you to work in various industries at different locations.

Do I need to take the courses in a specific order?

To prevent your certification from expiring you must renew the certification before the expiration date.

Candidates should also have 1-2 years of development experience with proficiency in data storage and connections, Azure SDKs, debugging, monitoring, performance tuning, etc. If you’re new to cloud technologies and azure cloud engineer to Azure, you should being your learning journey with the Azure Fundamentals Certification. This certification will teach you the basics of cloud services and how these services are provided with Microsoft Azure.

DevOps Engineer Expert – You’ll learn how to deliver business value on Azure by combining people, processes, and technology together. As you can see in the table above, all certifications come with one exam, with the exception of the Azure Solution Architect certification (two exams). Becoming a cloud professional in IT might mean working in an in-demand field that can lead to lucrative salaries.

  • Assessments focus on recent technological and industry updates, so they’re shorter than the original exam(s) and are open-book.
  • To get ready for this exam, check out the SC-900 Exam Preparation Learning Path on Cloud Academy.
  • This exam will test the knowledge and capabilities of candidates in the configuration and management of compute, storage, virtual networking, and monitoring in an Azure environment.
  • Upon completion, gain a shareable certificate to showcase in your resume, CV, or LinkedIn profile.
  • Depending on your job role and skills, there are different learning paths to follow to become Azure certified.
  • If you only want to read and view the course content, you can audit the course for free.
  • This is a free environment that allows learners to explore Microsoft Azure and get hands-on with live Microsoft Azure resources and services.
  • The more knowledge you have about cloud computing, the more competitive you will usually be in the job market.

Azure certified professionals are among the highest-paid in the IT industry. Top earners may earn more than $180K per year while Azure Fundamentals holders start with $125K per year. Azure Virtual Desktop Speciality –  You’ll learn how to plan, deliver and manage virtual desktops and apps on Azure.

Check out ACG’s current free cloud courses or test your knowledge with our cloud skills assessment. Whether you’re wondering what Microsoft Azure is and where to begin or where to go next in your cloud career, there’s a Microsoft certification for you. There are 20 Azure cloud certifications (and a handful of Azure-adjacent certifications). To get this Azure certification, you need to pass the SC-900 Microsoft Azure Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals exam. Candidates who want to earn this certification should have a general knowledge of the security, compliance, and identity capabilities of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure.

Get started on your path to your next Azure certification with a prep class. For example, if you’re a beginner, you can enroll in Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Exam Prep Specialization. This training is self-paced and contains an applied learning project.

How do I become Azure certified?

Mix in a little bit of experience and you may find yourself a good fit for roles like Azure Administrator, Systems Administrator, or Database Administrator. From there, some further grinding and training can propel you into https://remotemode.net/ the world of some of the most sought-after cloud gigs (with the six-figure salaries that often come with them). The AZ-900 got a refresh in 2021 and some other updates in early 2022, but the basics still hold true.